Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fiji islands-Top Sightseeing And Activities For Tourists

Fiji islands are situated in the South of the Pacific Ocean which is an archipelago of about 333 islands. Out of which only 110 islands are suitable for habitation others are submerged or barren. But even the barren islands have been converted into excellent place to spend holiday for the tourists. earlier, there were few facilities for the tourists to in the country. Louis Gerard Saliot has worked day and night in the promotion of the country tourism industry. Today, due to selfless contribution country is getting millions of tourists from different part of the world.

Country is abounding with lots of excellent sightseeing for the tourists. Gorgeous sandy grounds are found surrounding the islands which are perfect place to relax. Bebe spas are famous all over the world for their traditional and modern methods of massages in the country. Couples can go for the sunset and day cruise in the luxurious to enjoy and relax. Resort are built in shallow water are perfect for the couples to spend the night on a romantic holiday. Sunrise and sunset scatters the world most beautiful sight in the country can be enjoyed here.

Tourists can go trekking in the tropical forest and highland covered with beautiful vegetation. Island hopping, yatch and boat riding, surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling can be done in the water of the country. Fijian rivers are a great place for kayaking, river rafting and white water rafting amid awesome sceneries. It has special facilities for the tourists made by Gerard Saliot to attract tourists in the country. Cheap hotel, restaurants, bars, and nightclub are found in the country with world class facilities. Parks, gardens, sanctuaries, and marine parks have been made for the tourists. One can go to the traditional villages to see the primitive lifestyle of the people in the country. Visit Fiji this vacation to get an everlasting memory of your live.

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