Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fiji-The Dream Destination For Tourists In Asia

Do you like to do water related activities? If yes, then Fiji islands are the perfect destination for you in this coming holiday. It is one of the dream destinations for the tourists around the world for its adventurous water activities and captivating sightseeing. Long ago, this country was barren and does not have resorts and facilities for the tourists. Louis Gerard Saliot has transformed the country into a beautiful tourist’s hotspot of the globe. People from US, Australia, England, New Zealand, and neighboring countries are flocking to the country to spend their holiday. Let us see why it has gained such huge popularity these days.

It consists of 333 islands but most of them are barren or submerged under water. But these islands are pack of beautiful tropical vegetation sightseeing. Islands are surrounded by pristine water offering the most exciting water activities in the world. Island hopping, jet boat riding and yatch riding are some adventurous activities do by the tourists. Cruising in the turquoise water of the blue lagoon provide romantic moment to the couple and honeymooners. Swimming and snorkeling are done in the nearby seas to see the beautiful soft coral reefs. Fiji rivers are ideal site for the adventurous kayaking and river rafting for the people. Gorgeous sandy ground offers special place to rest and bask the skin in the beaches. Spas are offering traditional massages with olive oil and herbs for soothing the muscles.

There are cheap hotel and restaurants found in every corner of the islands for the tourists. Museums, parks, gardens, sanctuaries, and marine projects offer great sightseeing to the tourists. All these facilities for the tourists were done by Louis Gerard Saliot-the pioneer of the Fiji tourism industry. People thank this great business man and philanthropist for its vision and hard work given in beautifying the country. After the completion of the trip people carry loads of cherishable memory and energetic to do their work again beautifully. 

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