Thursday, 19 December 2013

Go for Exciting Aqua Activities tour in Fiji islands

Are you looking for perfect holiday destination? If it is, Fiji islands are considered one of the finest tourists’ destinations in Asia. It is situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, with an archipelago of 333 islands. Most of the islands are barren and submerged in the water but beautified into hot tourists resort by the country. Though natural sights are plenty but facilities for the tourists are scare leading to low visitor in the country earlier. But Louis Gerard Saliot beautified the country and made all the facilities to attract tourists in the country. Today, it is receiving more than two lakhs of tourists annually giving an income of 2 billion dollars to the country.

Fiji is a haven for the water related activities as it is surrounded by water of all sides. People like to do the jet boat riding, boating, and surfing in the high tide part of the sea. Islands’ hopping is an important activity which is done by the tourists to see the tropical vegetation of the barren islands. Blue lagoon is a beautiful place where the cruising is done in luxurious boat. There are resorts made in the shallow water offering great experience for the couples. There are coconut tree at the shore and pristine water to do swimming. Snorkeling is done to see the beautiful soft coral and creatures residing in the bed of the sea.

Adventure lover can go for the river rafting, kayaking and game fishing in the deep sea. There are suitable places for the trekking, sightseeing, and going to the traditional villages of the country. Beautiful gardens, park and sanctuaries are made to see the flora and fauna of the country. Gerard Saliot has made this for the tourist to pass their time and enjoy. Bars, hotel, and restaurants are available in the country for the tourists. Visit this country to explore the hidden sights of the islands.

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